This Moth­er’s Day was more like a few weeks of Moth­er’s Days! We had events going on 10 days lead­ing up the annu­al cel­e­bra­tion of Moms and I think we are still recovering!

Buckets and Flower Kits

Flower Duet flower kits for pri­vate groups in May. Pho­to by Flower Duet

We had lots of groups that want­ed to learn flower design. Casey & Kit taught six dif­fer­ent pri­vate groups over five days. Some were in per­son class­es and some were via live Zoom feeds. In the mid­dle of that, we had a flo­ral arch to put up the day before Moth­er’s Day, too!

Here’s a lit­tle insight into how we prep for these hybrid online classes.

To prep for each of these class­es, we  order the flow­ers for each group, get them from our whole­sale ven­dors, con­di­tion and prep the flow­ers and then sort them into “to-go” buck­ets so they stay fresh for our stu­dents… then …we have to prep the vas­es, tools and sup­ply kits.

Flower Kits by Flower Duet

Pink & Green flower kits for pri­vate groups in May. Pho­to by Flower Duet

If the sup­ply bags are going to be han­dled by an array of peo­ple, we need to con­sid­er a con­tain­er or vase that is not going to break eas­i­ly in transport.

The key to suc­cess is sol­id plan­ning and great prod­ucts. We’ve been for­tu­nate to have won­der­ful flow­ers for the spring season.

Over the last 12 months, we have prepped hun­dreds of  buck­ets and class sup­ply kits that we’ve either deliv­ered to the clients or have had them picked up at Flower Duet.

Going for­ward we are going to con­tin­ue to offer the class­es online with buck­et pick-up in addi­tion to our in-per­son group class­es and pri­vate lessons.


Flower Van deliv­ery for clients in Bev­er­ly Hills for a pri­vate group les­son by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Flower Duet.