How to Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids Indoors

Also known as Moth Orchids for their wide side petals, Phalaenopsis orchids are surprisingly easy to care for and grow indoors. Blooms will last up to 2 months on the stalks and should re-spike every 8-10 months. These are good choices because they tolerate lower light than most other types of orchids. These plants do like a constant temperature and don’t like to be moved too often, so pick a place in the home out of direct sunlight where it will also be out of the way of a heat vent or air conditioning vent.
Expect to pay under $20 for small plant that has one or two spikes growing. Keep the spikes attached to the stakes that came with the orchid plant. The stalks need that support as the blooms open and become heavier. In you live in a dry climate or your winter home is dry inside, mist your orchid daily and plan on watering about once a week if you live in a dry climate. Otherwise, it’s best to make sure the roots are completely dry between watering. Fertilize about once a month and use orchid fertilizer at about a quarter strength the package says to use (dilute it). Re-pot your orchid every other year. Use commercial medium sized orchid bark because it helps the roots dry out.  Every type of orchid requires slightly different care, so if you plan on purchasing a different orchid from Phalaenopsis, please consult the grower for care details.
If you want to use Phalaenopsis in your wedding bouquet, it’s often cheaper to buy entire plants to make up the bouquet instead of cut stems. That way you can keep the plants after the wedding and have a your wedding bouquet “bloom” every year!

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