Micro Weddings in 2020

Micro-wed­dings were get­ting pop­u­lar before the world pan­dem­ic hit the brakes on large gath­er­ings in 2020 and the sum­mer of 2020 made these even more popular.

Backyard Weddings

We were hap­py to cre­ate wed­ding flow­ers for a bride and groom to keep their wed­ding date and have an inti­mate fam­i­ly wed­ding in the back­yard. Casey set up this love­ly dis­play on the large per­go­la over­look­ing a pool and bloom­ing gar­den in Palos Verdes. We kept our crew small (one per­son — the ever-amaz­ing Casey), wore masks and was in and out in quick­ly to keep every­one safe and happy.

Backyard Wedding by Flower Duet

Zoom Weddings

Ear­li­er in the sum­mer we cre­at­ed flo­ral designs for a “Zoom Wed­ding” back­ground. Our clients were mar­ried in their con­do over­look­ing the Pacif­ic Ocean in Redon­do Beach

Sally Wedding

Here is the post of the Zoom wed­ding flow­ers we did for a love­ly cou­ple in Redon­do Beach.