San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Philadel­phia Flower Show and next week it’s the West Coast’s turn to hold a gar­den show. Begin­ning on March 24th and run­ning through the 28th at the San Fran­cis­co Flower & Gar­den Show in San Mateo, Calif., you can go see great gar­den designs, flo­ral dis­plays, attend work­shops, eat good food and buy all sorts of stuff for your home and gar­den. There are gar­dens and activ­i­ties for chil­dren, too so it’s a great out­ing for the fam­i­ly.

Casey and I attend­ed this show a few years ago and became avid fans! We had a 3-day pass, but could only man­age to attend 2 days. I would rec­om­mend going at least one day and wear a good set of shoes. Bring a large tote bag that is easy to car­ry, because you will buy stuff. Casey bought a Lit­tle Giant lad­der (she was paint­ing the out­side of her house at the time). Of course, she had the lad­der shipped!

We also attend­ed a flo­ral design work­shop and although we did not get to do any hands-on arrang­ing, we did learn then that Trad­er Joe’s ships all of their cut flow­ers in water. Some­times when we need a few flow­ers in a pinch, we will run to TJs and get flow­ers there because we know they are high qual­i­ty.

The pho­tos above are from the SF Flower & Gar­den Show’s web­site. So if you go this year, I am sure you will see more of the same great exhibits. Sem­i­nars this year include top­ics like: Suc­cu­lent Con­tain­er Gar­dens, Toma­to Grow­ing in Con­tain­ers, Edi­ble Land­scapes: The New Amer­i­can Gar­den, The Art of Bon­sai, The Past and Future of Flo­ral Design Trends, Yoga for Gar­den­ers and many more.