Santa Barbara Wedding

When we had a scheduled wedding on a Saturday afternoon in Santa Barbara, we invited our mom, Chris Coleman, to come out from Virginia and help out! Since we had to stay up in Santa Barbara for the hours of the wedding (not really a hardship), we thought it would be a fun opportunity to spend time with our mom, have dinner and catch a movie – all while earning a few bucks! Mom also got to reminisce about when she and her family lived in Santa Barbara (she was five years old at the time).

The point of this to all you “would be” florists out there, is to accept the jobs that might be a two hour drive from your home base. Charge for delivery and time accordingly, but make the most out of it, too. In this case, we had to stick around so we could pick up the bamboo gazebo we made for the wedding pictured above.

We had a great dinner at the Hollister Brewing Company in Goleta, CA and then saw the wonderful movie Julie and Julia – which we loved, too.

So take those out of town jobs and have fun!

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