Wedding Prepping, Creating and Delivery

Two weeks ago Flower Duet was creating solo for one of the largest wedddings to date. My sister was on the east coast and my regular helpers were otherwise engaged, and the newest of volunteers to give me hand was getting married. This was her wedding.

So how does one go from over 1100 stems, to create 12 Bouquets, 2 Hair Wreaths, 22 Bouts, 10 Corsages, 42 Centerpieces, 3 Kissing Balls for a total of 91 Pieces and still make it fresh as possible. A good plan, patience, and lots of work space.
The plan – Order flowers a week ahead. Pick them up on Thursday before the Saturday wedding. Condition them as soon as you can with your flower food and water and let them revive. Have all your vases, supplies, corsage/bout boxes, transport systems ready, so you are not fussing with those items when you should be pulling your best of the best for the bride. Have your check list handy, set deadlines, eat and breathe and jump in. I pulled the best for the bridal party first, then built the 42 centerpieces. They were 3 sets of cylinder vases. Each vase having it’s own flower or own color theme. No two tables were alike. Once they were done the rest was fine tuning, creating the bouquets and then all the wire work. The wire work is best to do the night before, with a really great movie on.

The centerpiece delivery was for Saturday morning at 8am, followed by heading in the opposite direction to deliver the ceremony flowers, followed by a return trip to the reception site with the last few items and the petal spreading, as well as with my 3 year old dressed appropriately – as we were guests as well. My husband, who will also jump in to help, was photographing the wedding.

It is amazing what one can do in less than 48 hours with over 1100 stems. The bride and groom were delighted and not one centerpeice was left at the reception. A true sign of success. Here are some of the before and after shots. If you were thinking of doing your own wedding….you absolutely can. Make a plan, have the right tools and supplies and have fun!

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