It does­n’t take a lot of flow­ers to make an impact. Kit made this design using leu­ca­den­dron, gre­vil­lea, rice flower and dianthus. Placed it in a lit­tle bowl from our local Japan­ese mar­ket and voila. Zen med­i­ta­tion flow­ers that will last for weeks.

How to med­i­tate for non-med­i­ta­tors? Try “box-breath­ing” used by Navy SEALS to calm them­selves and stare into a bowl of flow­ers. Give this a try:

Instead of clos­ing your eyes, look at a flower arrangement.

Breath in through your nose for a count of 4.

Pause for 4.

Breath out through your nose for 4 counts.

Pause for 4 counts and repeat for 6 cycles.

While you are doing this, look at each flower in the design.

Look at the texture.

Look at the color.

Mar­vel at the way nature made each bloom.

Each leaf.

Each curve.

Each col­or.