How to Make an Olympic Bouquet

2010 Olympic Bouquet

Background on the 2010 Olympic Bouquet

The green represents the green landscape of British Columbia and the flowers chosen can and do grow in B.C. in the summer months but not in the winter. Green Spider Mums, while not  indigenous to the region, were grown in a greenhouse by a local nursery in the Canadian province and the other flowers and greenery were imported. The florists who won the contract are two  women. Margitta Schulz, owner of Margitta’s Flower Boutique at Lonsdale Quay in North

Vancouver and an extraordinary woman who founded an organization that trains women with a variety of societal backgrounds in the floral design trade.

The name of the florist is Just Beginnings Flowers in Surrey, B.C. and the amazing designer and owner is June Strandberg.

Learn more about this story at the Canadian Florist website.


Supplies Needed

  • 5 green spider mum stems
  • 6-7 green hypericum stems
  • 5 leather fern stems
  • 1 bunch lily grass (about 25 stems)
  • 3 large Aspidistra leaves (peace lily plant leaves)
  • rubber bands or twine
  • floral shears
  • short opaque vase with about a 2-inch opening
  • Optional: 2 yards royal blue double-sided satin ribbon

2010 Olympic Bouquet Supplies

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Step 1: Netting covers the mums to protect the blooms during shipping; these nets should be removed very carefully by gently pulling them off. Let mums sit for a while in a vase so the blooms relax before you start arranging with them.
Spider Mum Netting Removal Step 1
Spider Mum Netting Removal Step 2
Spider Mum Netting Removal Step 3

Step 2: Clean the stems of the mums and Hypericum berries of all their foliage
Green Spider Mum

Step 3: Remove the lower sections of the leather fern so just the tips remain
Cleaned Mum and Hypericum stems

Cleaned Leather Fern stems
Step 4: Start with the smallest bloom, and place in the center. Place each stem around and slightly underneath the middle bloom so they nestle in together nicely. secure with rubber band or to be more Eco-friendly, kitchen twine.

Olympic Bouquet HowTo
Step 5: Nestle in hypericum berries around the mums. Make sure there are berries all around and secure with another rubber band
or more kitchen twine.

Olympic Bouquet How-To
Step 6: Add the leather fern tips in a star shape as shown below. Secure with another rubber band or more twine.

Vancouver Olympic Bouquet
Step 7: Gather about 10 longest stems of the lily grass and gently fold over. Secure with a rubber band as shown below.

Vancouver Olympic Flowers
Step 8: Repeat with more lily grass and leave some free. Surround the gathered bouquet with the rounded lily grass and the free lily grass, alternating around the arrangement to give it a symmetrical look. Finish with the Aspidistra leaves that you gently fold over like you did with the lily grass and place each one on three sides of the bouquet. Secure with rubber bands or twine. Cover the rubber bands or twine with a royal blue ribbon to give it a real Olympic look or place it in an opaque bud-type vase. Congratulations, you’ve just made a bouquet fit for Olympic champions!

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