Beer Glass Flower Vases

Vas­es can be any­thing! Why not a beer glass! Pho­to by Kit Wertz

In our flower arrang­ing work­shops and class­es, we tell our stu­dents, “A vase can be any­thing, as long as it’s water­tight.” This month, our focus on vase and flower designs is inspired by the dif­fer­ent col­ors of craft beer and the unique shape of beer glass­es. Yes, beer glasses.

As con­nois­seurs of the craft brew­ery craze close to our home stu­dio in Tor­rance (local brew­ers like Abso­lu­tionMonk­ish and Smog City) and dur­ing our trav­els, we’ve tak­en our flo­ral design inspi­ra­tion from the dif­fer­ent shapes of glass­es used for the dif­fer­ent types of beer.

Accord­ing to Beer Advo­cate, the shape of glass­ware will impact the head that forms on the beer when you pour it. The foam cre­at­ed by pour­ing a beer releas­es the aro­mas in the beer and can also help cre­ate a silky mouth feel. Plus, it looks cool. So, each type of glass is designed to cap­ture the foam so the drinker can enjoy the beer’s fla­vor better.

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