Learn How to Make a Show-Stopping Floral Design with Flower Duet

Flower Duet Makes TV Appearance on Hallmark's Home & Family Show

Kit and Casey on the Home and Family Show August 28 2017

Kit and Casey of Flower Duet on the set of the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show. We appeared on TV on August 28, 2017.

We were delighted to be contacted by the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show  to make an appearance on the show! We were asked to create a step-by-step design to demonstrate for the hosts and the viewers of the show how to make something they could do at home.

Kit and Casey of Flower Duet on set with Home and Family Host Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by guest co-host and Hallmark star Dylan Neal.

Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by guest co-host and Hallmark star Dylan Neal. Flower Duet owners, Casey Schwartz and Kit Wertz have show-stopping arrangements. Credit: © 2017 Crown Media United States, LLC | Photo: Alexx Henry Studios, LLC / Steve Lucero

We had lots of great emails and phone conversations with our excellent producer, Bob, before we had a fun day of taping on the set. We agreed to make a Show-Stopping large scale design that folks can recreate for special events at home, for the holidays or for big celebrations like a DIY Wedding.

The Home and Family set is a real house on the backlot of Universal Studios. It’s even part of the theme park’s famous studio tour and it was a funny feeling being part of the show for the tourists on the tram! Casey hammed it up and waved at a few full trams who went by our set!

We chose flowers that people could purchase throughout the year in the United States.

You can learn how to create this design and adapt it for any theme. The key is to use tall line flowers.

The design we made cost about $40 for the flowers and $30 for the vase. This would retail at a florist for $220. If you want to make it yourself, do it on site so you don’t have to move it. Large scale designs like this one are hard to transport. So, bring your vase and flowers separately and then design close to where it will be set up for your event.

Our recipe on the show consisted of pinks, yellows, and whites for a bright summer feel design. To make it look more for fall, use darker yellow and orange Gladioli and add in some dark blue Delphinium for depth. For Winter holidays, go either all white for all the flowers or punch up the color with red accents in the form of the Gladiolus and Alstroemeria.

  • 10-15 Stems Structured Line Flowers, Such As Gladiolus In Various Shades Of Pink, Yellow And White
  • 2 Bunches (20 Stems) Pink And White Larkspur (we also used white Hybrid Delphinium)
  • 1 Bunch (10 Stems) Alstroemeria – Yellow Or Pink
  • 1 Bunch (5 Stems ) Mini Eucalyptus (Flowing Greenery)
  • 1 Bunch (10 Stems) Greenery (Fern Or Ruscus)
  • 2 Bricks Of Floral Foam
  • Large Footed Container
  • Good Pair Of Stem Cutters


1. Pre-soak flower foam in Floral Food water

2. Cut the foam to fit in the container. It should sit up a bit over the lip so that you are able to place some of the stems into the side, not just the top.

3. Add some water to the container, but do not fill it. The foam is already soaked and once stems are placed in the foam the water will be displaced.

4. Start your design from the back of the container with your tallest Gladiolus. Your tallest stem can be 2-3x the height of the vase. It should be tall and slim.

5. Fill in between with the Larkspur and add a bit of greenery to fill in the back.

6. Continue to build the arrangement coming towards the front, cutting stems shorter so that the design is tallest in the back. Like a layer cake, but on its side. Add another layer of Gladiolus with Larkspur shorter than the first set.

7. Finish the front with the Alstroemeria and fill in any “holes” with greenery (like Ferns or Ruscus or Mini Eucalyptus) towards the bottom.

Enjoy the Video from the Show:

How to Create A Show-Stopping Floral Design by Flower Duet from Kit Wertz on Vimeo.

In-studio photos

Kit took these photos of each step in the design at our studio for the large arrangement we brought to the set as our example.

Use one brick of foam as the main centerpiece of foam architecture.

Oasis floral foam brick soaked

One entire soaked brick of foam goes into the middle of the vase.

Shape another brick of foam in wedge shapes and a lift for the bottom of the vase.

Kit cut another brick of soaked floral foam into wedges and a small rectangle to fit into the container.

Add Foam and Wedge in place.

Foam is wedged into the container and should not move around.

Here are two of the wedges along with the main brick in the container. Kit added the other two wedges and trimmed about a 1/2 inch off the top. Foam needs to be above the container for this design.

Add the first layer of Gladiolus – near the back of the design.

Fan of Gladiolus stems

Kit started with a layer of alternating color Gladilous stems. The fan is tallest in the middle and then is gradually shorter out to the sides.

 Here is a closeup look at the stems in the foam

Add greenery to finish the back and add dimension to the design.

Greenery in back of floral designs.

Since this is a one-sided design, Kit added greenery to the back to finish the look.

Add next layer of Delphinium/Larkspur that is a little shorter than the first layer of Gladiolus.


Add two more layers of Glads and Larkspur that step down in height

Layers of Larkspur and Gladilous mixed with Ruscus.

Kit has added a few layers at this step. She added a layer of Larkspur that is a little shorter and in front of the first back layer of Gladiolus. Then added some greenery and more Gladiolus. The next step will be adding more larkspur before finishing with flowing greenery and Alstroemeria.

Finish with flowing greenery branches and Alstroemeria.

Show-stopping florals - Flower Duet.

Here is the complete show-stopper! Ready for an appearance on the Home and Family show! Photo by Kit Wertz.

To see more about our episode, see The Home and Family Show website.





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