Watch, Listen & Create

1. DOWNLOAD: the tip sheet so you have the recipe (click the but­ton below). 

2.WATCH: There are extra tips on get­ting the most out of your green­ery in the video titled: “WINTER SOLSTICE WREATHS PRESENTATION” on this page. It’s only about 5 min­utes and explains a lot that will help you get the most from this course and how this class is influ­enced by The Hunt­ing­ton Library.

3.GATHER:  your green­ery, berries, dried flo­rals, pinecones, tools and supplies

4. WATCH, PAUSE & MAKE: watch the “WINTER SOLSTICE WREATH CLASS” video which fea­tures step-by-step of the wreath design.

4. JOIN: Us and your fel­low class­mates on Zoom in the evening for shar­ing and questions.

Down­load the Tip Sheet: WREATH

Step-By-Step How To Video — Winter Solstice Wreath

Watch the video and pause to do each step with us. Click on the video, click the expand icon to see it full screen.

What we are learning about today: Robert Frost, The Huntington and Evergreen Wreaths

Winter Solstice Wreath Class Inspired by Robert Frost and the Evergreen Trees at The Huntington

This class takes place on Decem­ber 5, 2020. Steps to com­plete this class:

  1. Pick up wreath sup­plies at The Hunt­ing­ton (option­al)
  2. Down­load the Sup­plies Sheet
  3. Gath­er your Elements
  4. Watch both Pre­sen­ta­tion & Instruc­tion Videos
  5. Pause when you do each step
  6. Share what you learn with us on Zoom at 5 p.m.