It’s June!

That means Amer­i­can Grown Flow­ers Week is hap­pen­ing this month from June 28 — July 4th, 2021!

AND.…drumroll.….now published.…a mind-blow­ing col­lec­tion of pho­tographs and cre­ation sto­ries of high-end flo­ral fash­ion in cel­e­bra­tion of Amer­i­can flower farms. Since 2017, Debra Prinz­ing, founder of the Slow Flow­ers Soci­ety, has pub­lished design­ers work that fea­tures flow­ers grown on Amer­i­can farms in the form of Botan­i­cal Couture.

Flower Duet was delight­ed to be asked to team up with Talia Boone of Postal Petals and Yoni Lev­en­bach of Flow­ers With­out Bor­ders based in Los Ange­les to engi­neer and cre­ate the vision that was designed by Talia Boone.

Talia want­ed to make a Los Ange­les Lak­ers jer­sey in fresh flow­ers to hon­or Kobe Bryant and Flower Duet was hap­py to engi­neer the design along with a long train of fresh flow­ers that was detach­able for the pho­to shoot. The pho­to shoot was held at what can be argued as the most icon­ic loca­tion in Los Ange­les with a sto­ried ath­let­ic past. You can read all about it in the dig­i­tal flip book pub­lished by the Slow Flow­ers Jour­nal and Bloom Imprint for Amer­i­can Flow­ers Week.

We had nev­er met Talia or Yoni, but we con­nect­ed through Debra Prinz­ing and col­lab­o­rat­ed as mem­bers of the Slow Flow­ers Soci­ety and worked to make Tal­i­a’s vision come to life. Kit fig­ured out the best way to pre­vent the glue from seep­ing through the jer­sey dur­ing con­struc­tion as well as how to make a detach­able train full of fresh Ger­beras, Sta­t­ice, Asters, Strawflow­ers, Kan­ga­roo Paws, Fern, Grass­es and Rus­cus. Flower Duet’s team of design­ers helped to make the 3‑day prepa­ra­tion hap­pen quick­ly and smooth­ly in our studio.

It was delight­ful to meet oth­er flower peo­ple in Los Ange­les who love to pro­mote the local­ly grown flower. We hope you enjoy our cre­ation along with all the 2021 Botan­i­cal Flo­ral Cou­ture designs from florists and farm­ers across the Unit­ed States.

Want to know where you can pur­chase Amer­i­can Grown Flow­ers? Check out the direc­to­ry of farm­ers and flo­ral design­ers who work with them at

Flower Duet's Basketball for Talia Boone and American Grown Flowers Week

Flower Duet’s flo­ral bas­ket­ball for Talia Boone and Amer­i­can Grown Flow­ers Week. Pho­to by Randy Schwartz Photography

Kit took the skirt home after the pho­to shoot and dis­played it in her front yard. Here’s a sil­ly GIF of her hold­ing it a few days after the shoot and it still looked amazing!

Kit Wertz of Flower Duet with a floral train