Tiger Lily Traits Care and Handling

Aries Florascope – 21 March – 19 April – Tiger Lily

Tiger Lilies

For years, astrologers have linked personality traits with the night sky. A fun book called Florascope: The Secret Astrology of Flowers offers a different take on your everyday horoscope. This is meant to entertain and if you are so intrigued, buy the book! It makes a great gift.

Tiger Lily Traits

If you are a tiger lily (or Aries) you have natural leadership abilities, don’t get sick often (who has time?) and are very romantic. Tiger lilies get along well with magnolias, passion flowers and other tiger lilies.

Famous tiger lilies include Warren Beatty, Leonardo da Vinci, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John and Joan Crawford.

Buying and Caring for Cut Lilies

  • Buy the blooms when they are still closed. Lily petals bruise quite easily and it will be easier to transport of the blooms are closed.
  • If you are buying for an event where you want all the lilies wide open, buy the closed bloom 3-5 days ahead of time to allow enough time for the blooms to open.
  • Always condition your cut flowers when you get home. This will encourage the blooms to open. Remove any broken leaves from the stems and re-cut the stems before putting them in a solution of water and floral food.
  • Lily pollen can stain. Remove the stamens with a tissue. If you get pollen on clothing or a tablecloth, remove with tape. Just place a piece of tape down and then pull off. Do not use water or try to brush the pollen away.
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