Tools need to start your floral business

Flower Duet has been teaching many students lately who are embarking on opening their own businesses. Most of them freelance designers. I had a young lady here this week from Northern Virginia who is expanding her Event Planning Business with some flower know-how. She asked me what tools do you really need to get started. Mentally a few solid techniques, no fear, and good customer service. To purchase…good Floral Cutters (Clauss 3412 are our favorite), light green floral tape, 2 gauges of 18 wire, 24 and 18, 2 rolls of ribbon, white and ivory, both double faced satin and 1.5 inches wide and finally 1 case of standard floral foam. With these few items you are ready to react to your first order of business. Since you do not know what it will be, it would be silly to purchase all types of vases and containers you may never use. So wait and see what your client would like and purchase the container when you purchase the flowers. You will eventually accrue plenty of inventory, and you will be able to rent a great deal of items. So start small, think big and react accordingly.

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