Flowers of the Hollywood Golden Age

On March 20th, we’ll be teaching at The Huntington Library in our monthly series how to create a gorgeous golden age floral design that looks a lot like one you’d see in a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie.  Check out Fred above — buying all the flowers in a hotel flower shop to try and woo Ginger.

Students will learn about flower arranging techniques that were made popular in the Britain and United States during the 1930s. We’ll be using all white flowers and greenery that would have been right at home on the “big white sets” of Fred and Ginger movies. We’ll make an arrangement that has a similar flow and feeling to the one I created above with Ranunculus, Amaranthus and Foxtail fern. This design was inspired by the philosophy of Constance Spry,  described as the “Martha Stewart of mid-century Britain.” She founded a flower school, oversaw Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation flowers and wrote many books on the art of flower arranging.

Ginger Rogers is the Star of the Month on Turner Classic Movies. Tune in March 10th to see a marathon of Fred and Ginger movies, check out the flowers and fantastic sets and then come to our class on the 20th to create something classic.

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