Travel the World of Flowers with Flower Duet in 2021

Did you know that Casey from Flower Duet has designed flow­ers around the world?  It was once part of her job aboard a lux­u­ry ship to design with flow­ers in var­i­ous exot­ic ports of call.  We are going to share this knowl­edge with you in 2021 in our ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN FLOWERS’ class­es and work­shops. Class­es will be avail­able online and in-person!
Thailand Lotus

A woman in Thai­land folds open fresh lotus blossoms.

In Jan­u­ary, we will “vis­it” Thai­land and design with its famous export, orchids! Casey will guide you on a tour of these love­ly blooms while shar­ing sto­ries from her trav­els there and what to do when you go there. Then, we’ll help you ring in the Lunar New Year that is cel­e­brat­ed in Viet­nam, Chi­na and Korea with a themed class in Feb­ru­ary. In March, we’ll trav­el to Ire­land and design with green flow­ers and leafy green­ery to bring out the Irish in all of us.

The Cliffs of Moher in Ire­land beck­on us to design in rich greens in March for our Emer­ald Isle Flower Class.

In April, it’s Tulip time and we’d all love to see them in blooms in The Nether­lands. In this class we’ll learn about Tulip­ma­nia in the 16th Cen­tu­ry when the price of one tulip bulb cost as much as a house! Kit worked and lived in The Nether­lands for a short time which brought her a huge appre­ci­a­tion for its love affair with flow­ers. Every year mil­lions of tulips are bloom­ing in and around Ams­ter­dam. The tulip sea­son in Hol­land marks the begin­ning of spring. The col­or­ful flow­ers and the ris­ing tem­per­a­tures make many peo­ple from all over the world happy.

Tulips in Holland

Every year, the mil­lions of tulips that bloom in Hol­land bring visitors.

In May, we’ll return to Amer­i­can shores for the beloved Peony sea­son which is by far the most favorite flower due to its full bloom and love­ly fra­grance. In this class, we’ll talk about its sea­son, when to pur­chase, how to pur­chase and where to find Peonies in July and August!

Peonies Growing on a bush

Peonies are native to North Amer­i­ca! Learn more in our class!

In June, we’ll go to Paris and have fun with beau­ti­ful ros­es. After all, Chanel No. 5 gets it sig­na­ture scent from ros­es grown in France along with Jas­mine petals.

Paris at sunset is always a glorious site.

Here are the first 6 classes we are planning for 2021:

JANUARY 16, 2021 — Orchids of Thai­land — the his­to­ry, cur­rent flo­ral pro­duc­tion and an in-per­son work­shop on how to design with these gor­geous blooms.

FEBRUARY 6, 2021 — Lunar New Year Flow­ers from Chi­na, Viet­nam and Korea — the his­to­ry, sym­bol­ism and an in-per­son hands-on flo­ral workshop.

March 13, 2021 — Emer­ald Isle Flow­ers — Trav­el to Ire­land and learn about Irish tra­di­tions and flow­ers and then cre­ate a design inspired by green flow­ers, ferns and leaves.

April 17, 2021 — Dutch Tulips — “Trav­el” with Flower Duet to The Nether­lands and learn about Tulip­ma­nia, prop­a­gat­ing bulbs and why tulips love to par­ty in a vase!

MAY 22, 2021 — Amer­i­can Peonies — Did you know that Peonies are native to North Amer­i­ca? Did you know they can be grown for the flower indus­try in Alas­ka which extends the sea­son by months!? You can learn these facts and a lot more about the hottest flower in the biz in this hands-on class!!!

June 19, 2021 — Parisian Ros­es — Ah Paris! Pah-ree! What a love­ly place. Casey and Kit were in Paris on Kit’s 22nd birth­day.  We had a fab­u­lous time in France togeth­er.  Now, we want to share all our knowl­edge of French flow­ers with you!

More Class­es will be announced soon with more trav­el & flower themes includ­ing some cook­ing inspi­ra­tion, too!

New Protocols for 2021


Online OPTION:

1) After you sign up, we will send you instruc­tions about how to log in to the online videos and pick­up times for flow­ers and supplies.

2) On Day of Class: Pick up flow­ers and sup­plies at Flower Duet’s stu­dio on Sat­ur­day morn­ing then return to your home to make the design

3) Log on at 3 p.m. Sat­ur­day after­noon with Flower Duet and your class­mates to dis­cuss the designs and ask any ques­tions. We will be there. You will see us. We can see you and your designs and help you!  All sup­plies will be pro­vid­ed by Flower Duet. Reser­va­tions required.

In-Per­son OPTION will be OUTSIDE — weath­er permitting:

1) After you sign up, you will receive an email one week before class to confirm.

2) On Day of Class, come to Flower Duet’s stu­dio park­ing lot for your own social­ly dis­tanced work space. You will be required to wear a mask and it’s sug­gest­ed you dress warm­ly with com­fort­able shoes.

3) If weath­er is bad (if it’s pro­ject­ed to be too windy, rain­ing or the air qual­i­ty is poor), you will be able to pick up sup­plies and flow­ers and return home for the online ver­sion of the class with after­noon Zoom call. We will deter­mine Fri­day night and let all know if class will be held out­side or online to the next day.

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