It’s Daf­fodil sea­son! They are everywhere…get ‘em while they’re hot!


Also known as Jon­quils, Paper Whites or Nar­cis­sus, Daf­fodils do not play well with oth­er flow­ers. So, it’s best to keep these flow­ers on their own in their own arrange­ments.

Cut stems exude sap that can be detri­men­tal to oth­er flow­ers; there­fore, store sep­a­rate­ly in water for about 6 hours before mix­ing with oth­er flow­ers. Do not recut again when arrang­ing with­out flo­ral foam, or you will have to wait anoth­er 6 hours.

These are avail­able as pot­ted flow­er­ing plants, which are great for short-term indoor or out­door dis­plays.

Nar­cis­sus are geot­rop­ic (stems bend in response to grav­i­ty), so store upright in uni­form light­ing. Most Nar­cis­sus have a del­i­cate to strong fra­grance, which some peo­ple may find over­pow­er­ing.

Learn our step-by-step design to cre­ate a won­der­ful arrange­ment for spring using Daf­fodils!