Mixing Daffodils with other cut-flowers

It’s February and we are starting to see tons of Daffodils at the market and blooming in our gardens at home. If you are going to work with Daffodils in your cut flower arrangements, be sure read this blog for Best Results!

Problem: All bulb flowers in the narcissus family (e.g. Daffodils, jonquils) exude a sap that can clog stems of other flowers if they are not conditioned properly.

Solution: If you do the following steps, you can arrange Daffodils with other flowers:

  • As will all bulb flowers, the temperature of the conditioning water should be cool and not warm (unless you want the flowers to open quickly)
  • Use professional floral food for best results and cut the stems at least ½ inch before placing them in a clean container with the cool water and proper amount of floral food (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Condition the Daffodils for at least SIX hours before arranging them
  • Do NOT re-cut the stems after conditioning before you put them in the final arrangement or the sap will leak out again and hurt the other flowers
  • Bulb flowers prefer shallow water; if they are placed in deep water, the stems can get water logged and shrivel up and the petals will get papery
  • For best results – only mix narcissus flowers with other types of flowers in floral foam arrangements and not in vase arrangements to lesson the chance of the sap getting into the vase water
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