Orange Flowers Dominate 2013 President Obama Inaugural Luncheon Symbolizing Fusion

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While watching coverage of today’2013 Inaugural Luncheon, which followed the swearing-in of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, we noticed the the flowers used in the centerpiece designs were predominantly orange. 

“Orange is the color of fusion, conversation and spirituality.”

Orange Ranunculus blooms were used in the 2013 floral designs for the President’s Inaugural Luncheon
held at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2013.
While we are sure the color was used to accent the copper and bronze tones of Statuary Hall (Kit was a Capitol Hill intern for Tom Daschle while she was a senior in High School, so she used to walk the halls of the historic building), we wondered if the attendees of the luncheon knew that the color orange inspires “fusion of thought.” According to one of our favorite garden books, Feng Shui in the Garden by Nancilee Wydra, orange is the color of fusion, conversation and spirituality (try to picture Tibetan monks in their saffron-colored robes).
Orange flowers inspire fusion of thought and promotes conversation.
The color orange discourages individuality, isolation and insecurity. We are sure the florist who designed the arrangements for the historic luncheon, Jack Lucky Floral Design of Alexandria, Virginia, was aware of this significant symbolism and let’s also hope it helps Congress continue to work with the White House in the coming months to  move forward.
See more about the floral designs for the inaugural luncheon from WUSA9 News in Washington which were displayed inside silver cachepots, and featured an old- fashioned Rose called “Free Spirit,” which ranges in color from apricot to orange with flecks of coral to rose and orange Ranunculus blooms.
Work with orange Garden Roses (Peach Finesse pictured above) in a floral design
workshop with Flower Duet at The Huntington Library on April 20, 2013.
Flower Duet will teach a class on how to create a loose hand-tied floral design like the one pictured above using orange Garden Roses on April 20, 2013 at The Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Find more information to make your reservation for the class.
Ranunculus flowers are abundantly available in the spring, but we now seem them year-round. Garden roses are making appearances year-round as well, with many more showing up throughout summer.
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