Flowers and Peeps for Easter

Easter Peeps Bunny Flowers with Pink Gerbers

Flower Duet cre­at­ed this whim­si­cal flo­ral design using pink bun­ny Peeps and two dif­fer­ent tones of Pink Ger­ber Daisies.

Kit Wertz of Flower Duet cre­at­ed this cute design using Pink Peeps and Ger­ber Daisies.

  • Use two dif­fer­ent widths of low glass cylin­der vas­es and insert one inside the other.
  • Slip the bun­ny Peeps in between the vases.
  • Care­ful­ly add water to the inside vase.
  • Add the flow­ers in a dome shaped design. We used two dif­fer­ent tones of Ger­bera Daisies to add inter­est to the design.
  • Place bun­ny Peeps on Bam­boo skew­ers and insert into the design. The oth­er flow­ers should keep them in place.

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