Lots of beautiful flowers make a wonderful design together.

What bet­ter com­bi­na­tion than sea­son­al Peonies with fra­grant roses?

Peonies plus Roses Class

We are design­ing in a con­tain­er with­out flo­ral foam + we show you two dif­fer­ent designs.

What you’ll receive in this course:

  • Sup­plies sheet you can down­load so you know what to buy to make this design.
  • Step-by-Step videos so you won’t ever get lost!
  • Lots of extra tips on Peonies and flo­ral design­er secrets
  • NOTE:: Peonies are in sea­son in North Amer­i­ca in May and June. They can be ordered from Alas­ka in July.

Get your Peony Fix online with Flower Duet! We are offer­ing a class online where we also pro­vide all the flow­ers, the vase, the cut­ters for curb­side pickup!

Peonies + Ros­es Class